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Statement of quality

We have classic figures in the C9 or C8 condition in bulk. Figures in the C9 condition show only the slightest signs of use and always come complete with all original accessories. In the C8 condition, the figure is always complete with accessories but more signs of use can be seen. It could be said that the C9 items are 90% perfect and the C8 items 80% perfect. The figures are always tidied and freshened up before leaving our warehouse.

We have 200X and NECA figures as well as Commemoratives listed in the C9 and C8 conditions as well. C9 figures here have only the slightest of marks from transport and warehouse storage and are suitable for collectors of items in their original packaging, C8 figures rather for those who plan to unpack the items. These arrive still unopened, however, and look good in an original packaging collection. We offer 200X figures in bulk, exclusively in freshly unpacked and unspoilt C10 condition.

Single pieces such as classic MOC figures are depicted with high resolution photos on our website.

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